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Medical examination requirements and procedures for visa applicants to Australia
The Department of Immigration and Citizenship administers Australia’s immigration requires that all applicants seeking a visa to travel to or to remain in Australia must meet prescribed health criteria. These criteria are meant to protect the Australian community’s: a) public health and safety, b) expenditure on health and welfare, and c) access to health services.
The health assessment required for each applicant depends on a number of factors: type of visa applied for, intended length of stay, country of citizenship and residence during the previous five years, age, and any health issues the Australian Government considers of special significance.
Applicants who lodge both paper and electronic applications for visas to Australia can use eMedical system. To locate the client’s record in eMedical the applicant should provide the HAP ID, TRN or Health Request ID (HRI).
What you must bring to the medical examination
Medical Examination/Chest X-ray Chest X-ray only
Valid passport for identification
Prescription eyeglasses (if applicable)  
Medical certificates, clinical reports, hospital discharge papers  
HAP ID or Health Request ID (HRI) for e-Medical
The medical examination includes Fees in USD
    Mantoux Test  Physical    Examination      Urine Test      Chest X-ray          HIV Test
0-2         90
2-5       90
5-10     90
11-15     105
15 and over   115/130
After successful lodgment in the e-Medical system, all the data are recorded, checked and submitted on-line.
The screening fee must be paid on the day of health assessment, in local currency (MDL), at the IOM designated bank.
Your medical exam results are valid for 12 months only.
To request an emergency appointment, you may also submit a written request to the IOM Chisinau Medical Unit at