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Medical examination requirements and procedures for visa applicants to New Zealand
Applicants for visas and permits for New Zealand must have an acceptable standard of health:
  • unlikely to be a danger to public health;
  • unlikely to impose significant costs or demands on New Zealand’s health services or special education services;
  • able to perform the functions for which you have been granted entry
Applications which are lodged both paper and electronic for visas to New Zealand are processed and submitted in e-Medical system.
What you must bring to the medical examination?
Medical Examination/CXR CXR only
Valid passport for identification;
Prescription eyeglasses (if applicable);  
Medical certificates, clinical reports, hospital discharge papers relevant to any medical problems past and present.  
The medical examination includes Fees In USD
    Physical examination Urine CXRAY HIV/Syphilis HCV, FBC, Serum Creatinine, HbA1c
0-5         75
5-11       90
11-15     105
15 and over 140
Panel Physician (PP) may refer the applicants for additional investigations and/or repeated chest X-ray in three months or even in the interval of six months from the initial examination.
The screening fee must be paid on the day of health assessment, in local currency (MDL) at the IOM designated bank. If your application is refused after your medical exam, those fees will not be refunded.
Your medical exam results are valid for 3 months only.
To request an emergency appointment, you may also submit a written request to the IOM Chisinau Medical Unit at